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Beauty shoot for Stylist

I recently had the pleasure to photograph the main beauty feature for Stylist magazine (issue 474, 12 June 2019). It was a very special issue as it was guest edited by Lily Allen! Apparently she loves getting her nails done so she decided for the main beauty story to be about nail art and how you can match it with your phone case.

When I was ask to do to this job I agreed straight away as I really enjoy reading Stylist and I always wanted to shoot for them. I was so excited!

The nail artist on this shoot was Liga Tukmane - Lily Allen's go to manicurist. A lovely and talented lady who also does nails for other celebrities such as Rita Ora and Helena Bonham Carter. She created twenty six looks for this feature, four of which I photographed on models.

The shoot started with a breakfast at Stylist's head office on Emerald Street. There's a massive slogan by the main entrance to their building. It says: "For women who want more from their world". I was more than intrigued to come inside.

During the breakfast we discussed the shoot, trends in nail art and how corrupted the world of modelling is. While Liga got busy with preparing our hand models' nails, me and the beauty director, Becci Vallis, went out to scout the locations. We decided on each nail art to be shot in two different locations so that the art team have options to choose from. We walked around the Russel Square/Hoborn area in search of interesting backgrounds that would match the nail art.

I love to be so involved in the creative process. It gives me the opportunity to have more of an impact on the final images.

The shoot itself was a pleasure and went very smoothly. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunshine on that day and it made the nail art really pop! to continue with this "sharp" look I then imitated the same lighting "set up" for the still life shots of the remaining nail art back in my studio.


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