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Shooting sharp... utensils.

A very sharp food shoot.

A couple of months ago I collaborated with a very talented creative director and food stylist from LA on an interesting food shoot. Marta came to Europe to promote her unique platform for food creatives This website is a well designed "machine" for finding food creatives from all over the globe.

While she was in London we did a two day shoot together. The idea was to photograph sharp kitchen utensils such as peelers, graters and knives in a new and interesting way.

How do you photograph sharp objects? You show sharpness. To achieve it I decided to go “sharp” with both of my main tools: the light and the depth of field.

I am a huge fan of using as little lights as possible and you will often find me using just a single light. For this shoot I wanted the shadows to be harsh and well defined so I went with a single bare head. I like working with this sort of setup for achieving a very graphic look as it is a very high contrast lighting. The other thing I like about this light is how it shows metal. It makes it look somehow “raw” and it creates strong reflections and a nice bling here and there.

Shooting small objects at such angle will almost always result in some part of the image being a bit blurry. To get everything in focus I used focus stacking. This way I was sure every element of the image would remain sharp.

You can read all about the idea and the creative process behind this shoot on the Phoode blog here. Enjoy!

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