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  • Agata Pec

The beauty of shooting beauty.

It doesn’t get more beautiful than that...

First of all the term “beauty shot” may refer to two different types of photography. One of them is about capturing the beauty of the face and makeup. It’s different than portraits. It’s mostly about the looks, less about emotions.

The other type of photography beauty shoot refers to is beauty products and their textures.

I love doing both but I feel most comfortable with products!

I have consciously chosen to be a still life photographer. I love shooting people but when it comes to getting the best out of them I believe you need to have certain characteristics yourself. For the same reason I always knew I could never be a good reporter. It was too uncomfortable for me. I always felt like an intruder with a camera.

I have always preferred to be in a studio. In a “safe” space where I can control the light and get the best out of photographed subject. Plus the still life is usually very patient and doesn’t move.

The thing I like the most about shooting beauty is that it’s simply about... the beauty. The beauty of light, composition and colours. Yes, it may seem shallow, but that’s not the case here. The main goal in shooting beauty is to create a stunning image with a purely aesthetic purpose.

It’s also a very soothing thing to do. When you smear foundations, when you squiggle nail varnishes, when you make blobs and all of the other textures, it just feels good. It gives you a certain kind of satisfaction. For some weird reason your brain feels happy. It gets a gentle boost of endorphins in reaction to this aesthetic pleasure.

I may not be saving lives or doing anything else of equal importance but creating beautiful images fuels the soul. And that’s my little input into people’s happiness.

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