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  • Agata Pec

The Hero Shot: tribute to everyday essentials during the Coronavirus crisis.

The "Hero Shot" is a term often used in product photography. In short it is a visual representation of a product, that demonstrates how it actually works so that potential customers can picture themselves using it. It is often used to create desire and should be eye catching but simple at the same time.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK we have all witnessed a phenomenon called "panic buying" during which certain supermarket shelves were emptied. What I found interesting about that was that it clearly showed which products are considered essential by public. What's even more interesting is that in most if not all western countries it was the exact same range of products.

Since product photography has always been in the centre of my attention I became inspired by the shortages and empty shelves and created a series of product photos to pay tribute to our everyday essentials - our cupboard heroes.

Let's hope that after everything returns to normal we will still be able to appreciate those common products. In the meantime - stay safe!

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