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The New Studio

We moved to Wembley Park!!!

It’s been a really exciting beginning of the year for me. I’ve finally found a great place to relocate my studio!

When I started operating my business a little over a year ago I was stuck in a small, cheap studio. Everybody needs to start somewhere. Maybe the studio wasn't big, it was right next to the railway and within the industrial estate, but it was my own creative space. And there was a window! Even two of them. So what that they were very old and they had some big gaps letting the cold in. After previously working in a basement studio for 2 years it was amazing to have any window at all. I had some really good times in my little studio and I felt at home there. I also had some fantastic neighbours there, who soon became friends.

When I started my idea was to entirely focus on still life photography. However as it became clear with the types of jobs I was getting that I should think wider than that. Why limit yourself to just one type of jobs if I'm skilled to do so many others. Especially with my videography services proving really popular it became clear that I'll eventually need to move into a bigger space...

View from the outside

If you've ever tried to find a place for a studio in London you know what a daunting task it is. Everything is either located in the East or it's very small, the celling is not high enough or it's so expensive that you just want to give up, sell everything and move to a remote island...

However I managed to find a light at the end of this tunnel. This light is called Second Floor Studios and Arts - an arts organisation providing affordable studio space for visual and fine artists' and craft and designer makers (click here to find out more about them). They were just finishing up their new site in Wembley Park and still had a few studios available to rent. There was everything I was looking for: space, high ceilings, good access from West London, where I live, and... a window. A massive one!

What's more there is a new artistic community there. 26 studios in total, each rented by an artist, or two, specialising in different mediums and art forms. The whole scheme is a part of the massive revitalisation of the Wembley Park area. "As well as providing affordable studios Second Floor will also be delivering a range of educational and outreach programmes, including workshops and exhibitions, providing long-term partnerships and opportunities for the local community".

Enough talking / writing / reading. This blog it's about photography. Let me take you on a little tour around

Builders are adding some finishing touches to my new space

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